Explore the World of Cryogenics

The field of cryogenics includes many industry, university, government, and research institutions. Applications abound in medical, food, semi-conductors, transportation, electrical power, manufacturing, both renewable and non-renewable energy production, and many other areas. Cryogenics is working behind the scenes to make these things happen. Research areas include high energy physics, fundamental properties of materials, automobiles, superconductors, medical imaging, space exploration, and many others.

A good place to explore and connect to cryogenics is the Cryogenic Society of America (CSA) with its world-wide membership of businesses, scientists, engineers, and professionals working in the field of cryogenics.Take a look at the CSA to learn more about about these applications and to get connected with those people and companies that are in the know for the field of cryogenics.Cryogenic Society of America

The Cryogenic Society of America also provides a topical index of subjects in cryogenics called Cryo Central, an information resource with articles solicited from subject matter experts. Cryo Central

//About Cryogenics//, an article by Dr. Ray Radebaugh of the Cryogenic Technologies Group of NIST - Boulder, provides a good summary about cryogenics.
An excellent set of presentations, for download, from the cryogenics group, Cryox Limited, of Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, England. The one entitled "space" provides a good view of different cryocoolers in space and what those machines really look like inside. The fascinating examples of cryostats and low-temperature refrigeration, from the large to the small, provide inspiration and intrigue for anyone wanting to do something new in the world.

And for some interesting demonstrations of the properties of cryogens, the thermophysical behavior of materials, and other fun activities, see the selection of the You Tube videos on Trombogenic or JeffersonLab

News Magazines from Around the World

The specialists in cryogenics, vacuum, and pressure technologies at Meyer Tool & Manufacturing, Inc. provide an excellent monthly newsletter with interesting news and technical information. Meyer Tool Newsletter

The engineers and technicians of Air Liquide Advanced Technologies, based in Sassenage France, publish Cryoscope, a news magazine of stories covering the latest innovations and approaches to cryogenic applications in scientific research, space, aviation & defense, electronics & optics, chemicals & pharmaceuticals, and hydrogen energy. Air Liquide Cryoscope Magazine

Cold Facts, an internationally recognized and respected publication, is the magazine of the Cryogenic Society of America. Cold Facts is the only magazine exclusively dedicated to the science and technology of very low temperatures. No other publication focuses on cryogenic engineering and applications as does Cold Facts. Cold Facts

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