Cryogenic Education

Here is a basic course outline, from the engineering viewpoint, for cryogenics.There are nine chapters divided into three parts.

The objective is an understanding of the breadth of cryogenics and of the meaning of a cryogenic system. The goal is to equip people for practical, real-world applications in whatever their roles may be, therefore advancing cryogenics for the improvement of the lives of all people.

Part I

1. Introduction & History Notes
2. Energy & Temperature Notions
3. Production of Cold: a) Liquefaction of gases and b) Cryogenic refrigerators
4. Application of Cold

Part II

5. Systems: a) Tanks & piping, b) Cryostats & chambers, and c) Process systems & devices

Part III

6. Vacuum & Insulation
7. Measurement & Testing
8. Properties of Materials & Fluids
9. Conclusion & Resources

Some practical training on cryogenic safety and LN2 handling:

World of Cold: Cryogenic Training for Science & Industry by Energy Evolution LLC (James Fesmire)

Cryogenic Training Services by Cryoco, LLC (David John Roth)

Liquid Nitrogen Safety Coursesby BOC Gases

LN2 - storage, use, and transportation by College of London (biomedical equipment emphasis)

On Site Training Cryogenic Gases Safety by PGS Training (United Kingdom)

Cryogenic Gases and Using LN2 Safely by CryoService (United Kingdom, e-Learning option)

Textbooks and monographs on cryogenics:

Cryogenic Systemsby Randall Barron

Cryogenic Engineering by Thomas Flynn

Cryogenic Process Engineering by Klaus Timmerhaus and Thomas Flynn

Cryogenic Heat Transfer 2nd Edition by Randall Barron and Gregory Nellis

Thermal Properties of Solids at Room and Cryogenic Temperatures by Guglielmo Ventura and Mauro Perfetti

Cryogenics (processes for materials treatment) by William Bryson

Handbook of Cryogenic Engineering by John Weisend

Helium Cryogenics by Steve Van Sciver

Additional Resources:

2015 Cryogenic Engineering Conference and International Cryogenic Materials Conference (Advances in Cryogenic Engineering)

Archive of Cryogenic Engineering Conference proceedings (Advances in Cryogenic Engineering)

Detailed list of cryogenic reference books (from the Cryogenic Society of America)

Extensive education powerpoint from CERN (172 pp.)

Russel B. Scott and the history of the National Bureau of Standards cryogenic program

//An Introduction to Cryogenics// by Philippe Lebrun

//Cryogenics, Key to Advanced Science and Technology// by Philippe Lebrun

//Cryogenic Insulation Technology// by James Fesmire

//Cryogenics for English Majors//, National High Magnetic Field Laboratory

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