Part II - Outline

5. Systems:

a) Tanks & piping

b) Cryostats & chambers

c) Process systems & devices

Part II - Questions:
1. Describe the temperature conditions (at 0, 10, and 20 feet elevation points) when a vertical cylindrical tank (8’ diameter and 20’ tall) of LN2 is subjected to the following conditions:
a. Vented to atmospheric pressure and allowed to sit for a few days.
b. Pressurized to 100 psig and allowed for sit for a few days. Assume that the mass of nitrogen in the tank remains the same.
2. What happens to the temperature of the liquid when this tank in condition “a” above is quickly pressurized to 100 psig?
3. What is the difference between vacuum in space and vacuum in a VJ pipeline?
4. What are common metallic materials of construction for cryogenic pressure vessels and piping?
5. What are common non-metallic materials used in cryogenic components?
6. What are the design codes and guides to follow?
7. What is the difference between qualification testing and evaluation testing?
8. What are some of the safety problems or concerns that are unique to each cryogen? Name one for each cryogen (i.e., LO2, LN2, LH2, and LHe)?